Expensive Gold and Silver Onyx Rectangular chess-table and stool for $60,000

Not all people who own a chess set are wealthy enough to play the brain-game in style. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Gold and Silver Onyx Rectangular Chess Table and Stool! This collector’s item comes with a huge onyx chess board table with hand-made 24kt gold-plated and silver-plated solid bronze to form the base of the checkered-chessboard pattern. The table is accompanied by matching cushioned chess stools to make it a complete set. Complement it with the Medioevale Stile themed pieces, which exude nothing but luxury and class.

Made using the lost wax casting method, which is signed by sculptor Piero Benzoni the table will be 51.18 inches in length, 32.68 inches in width, and 23.62 inches in height. The stools will be 13.39 inches in length, 13.39 inches in width, and 18.90 inches in height. The table will be available without the chessmen (pawns) and is priced at $ 50,000 and the stools will be available for $10,000 each.

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