Exquisite Dalmore Oculus whiskey sold by Bonhams for $46,000

Dalmore malts have never ceased to please whiskey aficionados. Bonhams gave whiskey connoisseurs a chance to bid for one of the most exclusive Dalmore malts recently. The whiskey, Dalmore Oculus, fetched a final price of £27,600($45,950)! The Oculus is a rare malt selected from vintages distilled in 1868 (10 June to be precise), 1878, 1922, 1926 and 1939 is sure to tantalize your taste buds. The rich spicy zest to the malt is selected from a cask distilled 58 years ago in 1951. Dried fruits, ripe bananas, treacle toffee and almonds from Dalmore’s original fifty year old are then added to this malt at the Dalmore Distillery.

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Further, Dalmore has added the long matured distillate from cask 1782 to deepen this malt’s taste. Finally, the finishing touch to the malt is provided by adding a judicious amount of the revered 64 yo, which adds notes of coffee, aromatic spices, and citrus zest to the malt.
A fine drink for the true whiskey connoisseur, it is truly a class apart.

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