Extravaganza featured tattoos, bling, estates and more

I had the opportunity to nip by at the Extravaganza event organized in Mumbai, India. Shorex had organized the event and there were stalls from Porsche, Maybach, Harrods Estate, Amosu etc. The objective of the event was to present the most exclusive products and services to the rich and famous of Mumbai. India is no longer the poor country that lived on the handouts from others. Their economy is surging and a lot of people have very deep pockets. Going by the extravagant weddings and the way the rich bling themselves, there’s a lot going on in the super-luxury market out there. Although most of the products on display were either India-centric or a bit outdated for the West, the floor plan held good opportunity for those interested in some serious upmarket real estate spending. Dubai, France, UK were all there to woo the Indian clientele to buy a chunk of their land. Spirits, Jewelry, crystal and home furniture and kitchens were the other bases covered. What really caught my fancy was the Amosu (UK based) counter. They were showcasing really high-end mobile phones and hands-free devices encrusted with diamonds. Yup, it was the real stuff, no crystals here! 18-carat beauties in white, yellow, pink and black adorned iPods, iPhone, Nokia phones and Motorola headsets. Amosu claim that their clients include Lewis Hamilton, Girls Aloud, 50 Cent, Lilly Allen, Akon and Will Smith.

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Amosu also claims that you will not lose the manufacturer’s warranty should you buy the prepped-up gadget from them because they work in close association with the original manufacturers. Their associates include Nokia, Apple, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. Extravaganza Mumbai gave an idea of what the Indian consumer wants; it was fun! There was a tattoo display and a pet show organized as well.