Ex-Vieuxtemps: The world’s most expensive violin to be played at Paganini’s 227th birthday concert in Moscow

Music enthusiasts in Moscow will be treated to the tune of the world’s costliest violin. Made by the famous luthier Giuseppe Guarneri, this violin was crafted in 1741 to honor the great musician Paganini’s 227th birthday. The violin has a history of great owners, including the great violinist and composer of the 19th Century, Henri Vieuxtemps. Named the “Ex-Vieuxtemps,” presently, this violin is the most expensive musical instrument in the world. The violin was purchased and brought to Russia by a lawyer and businessman, Maxim Viktorov, in 2008. The instrument is very closely-connected with Paganini, and hence it is apt that this violin should be played on the great composer’s birthday. Apparently, it was Paganini, who first heard Vieuxtemps play the violin aged 14, and predicted that “the boy would definitely become a great man.” Japanese violinist, and winner of the first prize at the 4th Paganini Awards, Kyoko Yonemoto, will honor playing this violin at the concert to be held at Moscow’s Conservatorium to celebrate Paganini’s birthday.

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This is the second time Moscow’s citizens will be treated to the tunes of this famous violin as earlier played at Pinchas Zukerman’s concert in 2008.


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