F1 Chessboard with 24 karat gold and sterling silver chessman bellows grandeur

Chess is a board game that only a few venture into, owing to the prerequisite of high intellectual capacity and the ability to sense the opposition’s move. The game of chess has no stop-watch arrangement or constraint of time, making it contrary to the notion of speed. The world’s first carbon chessboard designed by formula F1 designer Dominik Scheurer and his partner is a perfect representative to test quick thinking individuals’ presence of mind. The Chessboard made from high-quality steel carbon fiber materials is as elegant and high priced as an F1 car, making it fit for an F1 player!

The chessman for the board are made from stainless steel, but the black and white side can be distinguished by the layer of 24 karat gold on one side and sterling silver on the other side. If chess isn’t your game and Backgammon is, you could wait a little longer till we declare its availability.

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