Faber-Castell kick starts 250th anniversary celebrations with special edition Birthday Box Set

I remember as a child, I would force my mother to buy only Faber-Castell crayons and pencils. And today, when I see kids throwing the same tantrum for Faber Castle stationery, I am glad to know that some choices remain unaffected by the so-called “generation gap.” Clearly, Faber-Castell must definitely know the secret ingredient that makes sure generations after generations go for this brand. While the brand will not let us in on this secret, it wishes to make us a part of its 250th-anniversary celebrations. Yes, Faber-Castell, the world’s largest stationery manufacturer in 1761, is all gearing up for its 250th anniversary in 2011. The celebrations have already begun with the brand releasing a special edition Birthday Box Set. The special edition set features a range of colors, including crayons and color pencils, and various other designing tools that have been beautifully arranged.

The anniversary special box set has an asking price of 1250 Euro ($1700) and is limited to 1761(the number signifies the year the company was founded) units only. Available exclusively from the Colette store, this gift box is a must-have for all artists and Faber-Castell fans.

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