Fake $2 million Picasso painting lands art dealer in a soup!

Money is a messy thing and if you try to con someone for more than what you deserve, justice will definitely be served, sooner or later. In case of this art dealer from LA, it is now. Apparently a Miss Tatiana Khan, owner of the Chateau Allegre gallery on La Cienega Boulevard, allegedly passed off an imitation of the “La Femme Au Chapeau Bleu” (The Woman in the Blue Hat) at $2 million, that too when she got it from a local artist for a mere $1,000!

When the almost $5million painting was sold for a value less than its price, the new owner got suspicious and asked to check if it’s an original or not. His doubts were confirmed by Enrique Mallen, in 2008, who is the director of the On-Line Picasso Project. He confirmed that the work was indeed fake.
Moreover, the artist Maria Apelo Cruz, who actually created the painting was told it’s for nabbing a thief, was brushed aside as a touch-up artist and was literally brushed under the carpet. FBI agents have served the required summons to Ms. Khan on Friday and seized another painting by Abstract Expressionist artist Willem de Kooning for which Ms. Khan is said to have received $720,000 on sale of the fake Picasso.

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