Fancy a massage in rain forest and snow-capped mountains on the same day – This VR massage centre can help

I know an alarming number of people that dislike massages only because they do not appreciate physical contact with the masseuse. Introducing Los Angeles’ Esqapes, the world’s first-ever virtual reality massage center that is slated to open in July.

An experience at Esqapes is truly extraordinary. They have developed technology that uses automated massages, coupled with a propriety and exclusive virtual environment that creates a leisurely atmosphere. The virtual getaway transports your mind and soul to another world, allowing you to de-stress.

“Each Esqapes environment is designed to tantalize the senses and help guests shed the stresses of daily life. They are living breathing worlds that users will have completely to themselves,” says a media release.

Esqapes brings 10 different experiences to the table, ranging from a beautiful Koi pond at an ocean-front resort, to a luxurious cabin in a snow-capped atmosphere.


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