Fancy using a 18 carat gold toilet? Now you can at the Guggenheim Museum

With artists’ world over rendering aesthetic touches to our everyday basics, who had thought that one day an ordinary urinal too will become a piece of art? Extending creativity to one of the most needed appliances for mankind- the humble toilet, is Italian artist- Maurizio Cattelan who recently recreated a Kohler-styled toilet in gold.

The art piece (which in this case is a commode) is carved out of a solid 18-carat gold block and unlike regular artifacts on display with boards signaling “Do not touch” all around them, this one will be fully accessible by the public in any form they wish! Part of an exhibit named, ‘America’, the toilet will debut at the Guggenheim Museum onward this week. For a pricey restroom like this one, a guard will stay put at its entrance who apart from protecting the shiny commode, will also inform the users about its aesthetic value before use. Additionally, the fancy privy will be cleaned every 15 minutes with the use of special wipes. Public restroom hygiene woos are not for this one!

With a standard ceramic pot doing the same work for you, the idea of a golden toilet might seem absurd to many. However, Cattelan’s notion behind the artwork was to attack human disparities and economic divides by reminding us of the shared humanity that we all are a part of. His work has also been compared to Marcel Duchamp’s porcelain urinal which is now regarded as one on the most iconic pieces of the 20th century. Whether or not you are in sync with Cattelan’s inspirational thoughts, a majestic tinkling experience like this one is worth a try!

[ Via : Highsnobiety ]

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