Fashion Fail: Would you buy $1400 chopsticks from Rick Owens?

Rick Owens may have forgotten that most of the Chinese food we order comes with disposable plastic or wooden chopsticks, because the designer seemed to have thought that $1,460 chopsticks were a winning idea. Spoiler alert, they really aren’t.

To be fair, I did watch on a travel and food show once that Chinese royalty sometimes used silver chopsticks because they changed color on coming in contact with poisoned food, although I’m not sure if the Royal families of ancient China are really Rick Owens’ demographic. The likelihood of the average fashion connoisseur facing poison in their fried rice is highly unlikely, which begs the question: what were the good folks at Rick Owens thinking?

The chopsticks are described as being made of sterling silver and packaged in fraxinus wood box with a camel skin case, but none of these factors are making the $1460 price tag any more attractive. Rick Owens does edgy clothing really well, if it’s a super stylish all-black ensemble you’re looking for, then this label needs to be at the top of your shopping list. Chopsticks? Not so much.

Fashion isn’t the only industry with hilarious epic fails to their name, allow me to introduce you to Silicone Valley’s favorite juicer: Juicero.

[Available at: Imd-Studio]