Feblands designs crystal studded throne for Miss England event

All those who witnessed the Miss England event held on Monday would have definitely noticed the exquisite crystal-studded throne designed to seat the new winner. For all furniture junkies who were mesmerized by this awesome design, here is some more info on the Miss England throne. Blackpool firm stepped in to deliver when the organizers of the show were looking for a glitzy throne. Blackpool commissioned Marton-based furniture supplier Feblands, which specializes in exotic creations, to design this crystal-studded chair. The furniture supplier designed the beautiful throne in just five days! Valued at £1,500 ($2,500), this throne is hand-carved in mahogany with the arms shaped into lion heads, lacquered in white and silver, and finished in real silver leaf. The upholstery is made from white leather with crystal Swarovski buttons.

The furniture supplier who creates special thrones for its various clientele that buy these thrones as a symbol of resistance to recession is definitely happy about seeing the new Miss England adorning their creation.

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