Feed on to the world’s first lab-grown hamburger for $340,000

Ok, now we’ve seen everything made in a lab! Well, almost, at least. The latest lab-created foodstuff you can savor comes courtesy vascular biologist Mark Post from the University of Maastricht, Netherlands. What has he made, you ask? A lab-grown hamburger! But priced at a staggering €250,000 ($340,000), this is something you may not be able to enjoy daily. Created using “thin layers of muscle strips packed together with some lab-grown fat,” which have been made using “stem cells harvested from leftover material from slaughterhouses,” these hamburgers are relatively environmentally friendly.

Once handy, Post allows the layers to grow in a “feed” that is made using sugars, amino acids, lipids, and minerals till they grow 2.5cm long and just under a centimeter wide. Over 3,000 such strips, and you can have one regular burger. Since there is no blood, Post retorts that instead of meat, they would appear as scallop flesh instead. Whatever said and done, the experimental burger, although expensive, will also aim to get healthier “with less saturated and more polyunsaturated fats, and perhaps additional nutrients.”

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