Ferrari da Varese Soy Sterling Silver Maki-e Pen is up for $132,000

Sometimes people make an impression just by their accessories. Be it a watch, a tie or even a pen. Yes, its true guys, you can make quite an impact by just flaunting the right writing instrument. For those who seek to make such an impact, the Ferrari da Varese Soy Sterling Silver Maki-e Pen set by Master Kitamura is just what you need. The body of this exquisite pen is made up of 24kt gold powder that is mixed with the most dense, top quality Urushi lacquer to make the unique intricate detailing. The luxurious pen with a beautiful pattern is truly a piece of art. The beautiful craftsmanship in the making of this pen is truly amazing.

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An exquisite pen, it is definitely a collector’s edition. Priced at $132,000, this luxury pen is available here.