Fierce and fragrant: Lions and tigers at this Bristol zoo farm are obsessing over Calvin Klein perfumes

Calvin Klein has and continues to enjoy a major fan following all around the world, but little did one expect lions and tigers to be a part of this group. Just like us two-legged humans, the four-legged beasts who are inhabitants of a zoo farm near Bristol enjoy sniffing some Calvin Klein too. Not only do they like top-end perfumes and aftershave, they have developed favorites over time like Obsession by Calvin Klein and Rock Princess by Vera Wang. Some of them have also taken fancy to the Britney Spears perfume, Circus, and CK1. This comes as part of Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm’s enrichment program for the animals. The idea is to encourage the animals’ natural scent-marking instincts, plus the zoo farm aims to give the animals something new to enjoy each day.

Knowing how regal these cat family animals are by nature, it’s not surprising that the more expensive and muskier the scent, the more the lions and tigers in particular like it. Studies carried out in America showed how scents could help the animals, especially when animals are relocated to a new location in the wild; a trail of scents such as Calvin Klein follows.

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[Via: Bristol Post]

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