Fine H2O proclaims that drinking water is as luxurious as tasting wine

Water is the source of life, and we were all taught in school that water is tasteless and odorless. Odorless, yes, but it’s not quite tasteless. And for people who love water tasting, Naomi and Raymond Del Toro offer Fine H20, Luxury by the Liter in Carmel-by-the-Sea. They present to you the purest of waters from the world over, all for your drinking pleasure. Two-dozen 12-ounce bottles of Tasmanian Rain costs $69 online, while the Spanish Vichy Catalan cost s around $4.50 per liter. Other international naturally flavored varieties from Fine H2O waters from Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, and The Netherlands, the Hawaiian springs, and waters from New York and Tennessee.