First in the world – Selfridges launches an in-store boxing gym

It’s raining pop-ups off late, but one of the many that is sure to catch your eye is this ever so unique and unthinkable boutique that has recently found its way at Selfridges, London. We are talking about the exclusive boxing club that just opened on the ground floor of the elite departmental store.

The fully functional boutique boxing gym, is the first of its kind, and may certainly inspire many of its type to open across the globe. It is part of Selfridges’ “Lamyland” event, a collaboration between the department store and artist, creative director and producer Michèle Lamy, who is using boxing as a metaphor for exploring cultural, spiritual and social questions. Opened in association with BXR London, the boxing gym will operate in the Ultra lounge area on the lower ground floor of the store, wherein customers can indulge in group boxing sessions or intimate one-on-one trainings.

The unique space will come fully equipped with 20 heavy water-loaded rubber punch bags, 20 strength and conditioning stations and a personalized boxing ring. Additionally, visitors can also purchase exclusive activewear and boxing merchandise made in collaboration with Supreme and various other brands, at the pop-up. The Selfridges boxing residency will remain open till thee 25th of the month, with tickets costing anywhere $32 – $128.


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