First Classic Series Scotty Cameron Golf Putter COA Set is world’s most expensive

Golfers are known to fuss no end over their putters. And rightly so, as the putter is what ensures that winning stroke. And if you are one of those luxury-loving wells heeled folks who look at golf as just another leisure activity to be enjoyed with your luxury-loving friends, then high-end luxury putters must definitely find a place in your golf kit. Well, whatever your reasons for a putter (either for precision or to flaunt your luxurious lifestyle), it all goes back to finding that perfect putter to meet your requirement. Today’s market is catering to all sorts of golf enthusiasts with a variety of putters that guarantee that perfect stroke and offer a touch of high-end luxury. Given the increasing demand for such putters, we decided to entertain our readers with a list of some of the most exclusive and expensive putters out there.

Taking the top spot on this list is the First Classic Series Scotty Cameron Golf Putter COA Set, which has an asking price of a cool $26,000! The set comprising of 7 putters is one of 500 ever made, making it a must-have for every collector. Housed in a rare wooden case, the high value of these sets can be attributed to the fact that many folks have broken up the set and sold the putters individually, making a fully intact set rare and valuable. A fully intact set is currently waiting bids on eBay.
Number two on the list is Scotty Cameron TOUR Titleist Golf Putter eight-piece set, which is currently listed on eBay for an asking price of $15,000! Comprising of 8 putters, this set is one of 500 made and comes with a copper rack to hold each of the putters.
The third position is usurped by the Scotty Cameron Tiger Woods Tour Titleist Golf Putter two-piece set, which are listed on eBay for an asking price of $10,000. They get their value because they are the first two Tiger Woods victory putters. Scotty produced one for his third U.S. Amateur, using a pro platinum Tour Newport, and then his first tour victory in Las Vegas, using a Japanese Scottydale X-SLC. The US Amateur putters were restricted to a limited edition of 960 only, while the LAS Vegas putter was limited to just 332, making it extremely rare.
The remaining putters on this list of the current most expensive putters in the world are as follows:
4. The Tiger Woods Scotty Cameron Golf Putter 1997 MASTERS $10,000
5. Black Pearl Scotty Cameron Tour My Girl Golf Putter $8,800
6. Titleist Scotty Cameron Tour Gold Golf Putter w/ COA $6,500
7.G host White – Scotty Cameron Bullseye 33/350 Gram Putter $3,330
8. Byron Morgan DH 89 Damascus Putter: (1 of Less Than 10 to be made) $3,250
9. Tiger Woods “Tiger Slam” Masters Putter $2,500
10. Anser Remake $1,388
It is clearly seen from this list that luxe bejeweled putters have far lesser value to collectors in comparison to the limited edition sets like the ones produced by Scotty Cameron. In fact, it is interesting to see that despite the many controversies surrounding Tiger Woods’ personal life, his professional life and reputation as one of the best golfers in the world remains intact, with people willing to shell out thousands of dollars to own the putters used by the maestro.
So which putter do you want? For detailed information on each of the putters click here.

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