Flyit Professional Helicopter Simulator teaches you how to fly like a Seasoned Pro

Whether it was your childhood dream to be a Pilot, or your just testing your already acquired Piloting skills, Flyit’s extremely realistic Professional Helicopter Simulators help you spend your airtime in a cost-effective and safe manner. It starts with the two-person cockpit, which directly looks on to the PC-controlled screen programmed to stimulate 24,000 airports and a wide range of weather conditions. Functions like accurate flight models including transitional lift, torque, ground effect, and auto rotation is provided by the software. You can also select instrument panels configured to replicate MD, Bell, Robinson, Enstrom and Shweizer model helicopters. If your helicopter does not feature any of these models, Flyit will replicate your Chopper’s cockpit for an additional cost.

The helicopter simulator is delivered in an 18’ trailer as a totally self-contained system and the price starts at $105,000.