Folbot Edisto Folding kayak kit

Folbot, which has been hand-making kayaks since 1933 (longer than any other company in the world), is ‘The One’ when it comes to Kayaks. So you must take a liking to the Folbot Edisto folding kayak. Assembling a Folbot is easy because all cross frames are accessible, and conversion from one configuration to the other could be made possible in no time. Edisto Folbot is also cool because it is the most versatile and accommodating Folbot Boat since its open cockpit allows you to stuff in your kids, pets, or gear. The two optional EXP packages, Mini deck or Full deck, allow for paddling in more adventurous conditions.

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There is also the Fish ‘n Photo package with its outrigger system, which converts the Edisto into an ultra-stable platform to do some effort-free fishing or clicking kickass photos. This is for the less-adventurous-more-stable addressees. The Edisto Folding kayak kit a paddle, a seat, footpegs, carrying bags, and has a starting price of $1,795.

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