For Madame – The most expensive bouquet of rose for $13000

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday! How exciting! The time of the year when your lover reinstates his love to you and claim to the world through Twitter and Facebook on how much better his life has become since you have walked into his mediocre existence. And the gifts! I can’t wait to see all the lovely gifts being exchanged and the trophies of eternal love! And … hold your breath! Arena Flowers, a florist in the UK, will be giving the chance for a loved one (yes, yours of course!) to bouquet of buy a bouquet of beautiful 1000 roses – 5 feet tall, can you imagine that! These are grown 12,500 ft above sea level in a town called Machachi, Ecuador in the Andes. How exotic! That’s not all – an iPad mini and a bottle of shimmering Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne wraps up the gift. And wait! To show his undying love in a more intense manner, the florist offers this – 100 roses, an iPad Air 2, a bottle of Cristal champagne and a Tesla P85D luxury electric car. Isn’t that simply the most amazing, Taj Mahal-ish proclamation of pure, blissful love!

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Ok, I puked. There is just so much I can fake candy-talk. The 1000 bunch bouquet is estimated to be the most expensive bouquet in the world and comes at a price tag of $13,000. The offer with the Tesla will be $157,000. It is one thing to flaunt what you have got, but this kind of money spent over stems that will rot away in the bin in two days is an absolute waste. The car deal is still fair – what with people doing all sorts of crazy buys. But $13,000 for roses? Really? What a sorry world we live in.

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