For the true audiophile, the true Ethernet cable from AudioQuest emerges, priced at a paltry $10,000

If you’re an audiophile then spending obscene amounts of money on high-end audio equipment should be no big deal and that’s why you’ll need AudioQuest’s new Ethernet cable. To start off with, the cable is 12 meters long and is designed with solid, 100% silver conductors. This should prevent strand interaction that, according to the company, is a major source of cable distortion that cuts down on audio quality while streaming. The wires are very elegantly wrapped up with a high-density polyethylene insulation made of the highest quality.

Aside from all that, these high-end cables also come with AudioQuest’s proprietary Noise-Dissipation system that also assists in producing the very best of audio quality whiles it’s being transmitted. Now top this off with a strand-woven jacket i.e. the outer cover, with arrows pointing in the direction that the audio needs to flow from.

So here’s where it gets a little weird seeing as pretty much all Ethernet cables known to man are usually multi-directional so data can go both ways. But AudioQuest insists that this is purely for streaming and hence one needs to ensure that the right end is plugged into the right component if one is to achieve the very best experience.

And how much would one have to pay for this seemingly wonderful cable that you just shouldn’t ever be without? Just a couple of thousand dollars… multiplied by five! Yes, the AudioQuest ultra-snooty, ultra groovy Ethernet cable retails for a whopping $10,000. But the real question is – can you afford not to have it?

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