For the ultimate man cave, a full scale incredibly detailed Jurassic Park diorama

Jurassic Park fans, here’s an opportunity that cannot afford to miss! If figurines inspired by the movie interest you (which they assumedly should), you can now buy a whole Jurassic Park Diorama set that is designed to replay some of the most iconic scenes from the series. The exclusive collectibles (broken in two parts) are developed in collaboration by Sideshow and Iron Studios and can be purchased either individually or as a whole.

Call the T-Rex Attack, the diorama features Ian Malcom and Alan Grant standing outside their jeep waving flares (Set A) at the iconic T-Rex which stands majestically above the overturned jeep containing Lex and Tim.(Set B). While the sets are up for individual purchase, combining them together gives way to arrange the fence, foliage, and even maps and debris to effectively complete the scene. The diorama also includes the damaged Jungle Explorer 04, and the Jungle Explorer 05 with an openable right door.

Each artefact in the collection is hand-painted and comes affixed with LED lights for further effect. Other exclusives also include a card based on the iconic cards from the 90’s as well as other limited-edition artwork. The statues can individually be purchased for $1299.99, with the entire set rounding off to $2500. The limited-edition T-Rex Attack Sets will be available for purchase in the summer/fall of the coming year.


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