Former Russian mayor does doughnuts with his Ferrari inside mall ‘for a joke’

It’s not every day that you see a Ferrari barreling down the aisles of a shopping mall doing doughnuts and security staff scampering around to make it stop. In fact, looking at the video you might mistake it for a shot from a movie; but, the clip is from Russia in which a former Russian mayor can be seen hooning around in a Ferrari California inside a mall in Moscow. However, it’s hardly surprising given that some of the most bizarre yet amusing videos originate from Russia. On the night of April 10th, a Ferrari California with Aleksandr Donskoy – former mayor of Arkhangelsk – at the wheel burst into a mall in Moscow.

YouTube video

Security officers, who are seen jumping out of the way of the Ferrari in his latest stunt, said it took them 15 minutes to stop the supercar in its tracks. “I love to joke,” Donskoy told Russia’s 360º television. “This is a comic performance, a way to attract attention, but unfortunately, not everyone accepted it as a joke.” Donskoy also told the media that the act of indoor hoonage was designed as a work of “performance art,” like the work of famous avant-garde artist Marina Abramović. Fortunately, the stunt was pulled off during the wee hours of the morning and there was no one else at the mall except for the security guards. He was later arrested, but insisted that his stunt was a “performance” and “not a crime.”


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