Will this be the most scenic Apple store in the world?

Windy City surely has a good thing coming for all its Apple fans. The rumors seem very believable and the fact that Fosters and Partners are planning a location that is eye-catching as it seems in these visuals, makes it a very tasty proposition. Word has it that the company is planning a 2-storey Apple Store at the Pioneer Square of Lake Michigan Avenue shopping district. Word also has it that the structure will span 20,000 square feet and will offer a picturesque view of the river beyond.

The visualized images are very pleasing to the eye. As it is with most Apple Stores, this structure too will be a glazed wonder with neatly crafted display stations for the many Apple devices it houses. One may wonder how the stairs play up in the designing and location of the store. It so happens that the store traverses across the stairs of the square.
The 91-feet x 71-feet area will offer sufficient room to the amazing spectacle of live advertising that makes the Apple Stores a hallmark installation. The construction of the store should commence by early next year.

[ Via : Designboom ]

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