François Zanella’s makes Cruise Ship in his backyard.

Longing to go on the Royal Caribbean cruise….but in a back yard? Sound whimsical right? Francois Zanella, a 56-years-old ex-coal miner from Morsbach, France, did something like that in a small village far away from any water, right in his small garden that no one would have ever expected to find there. François an ex-coal miner of the Lorraine Collieries, actually built a cruise ship the “Majesty of the seas”. Almost 12 years ago he started building his dream boat on 10 August 1994. What Francois did is a true inspiration and the living and swimming proof of the phrase that if you just work on something hard and long enough, you can absolutely manage *everything* you imagine. The “Majesty of the seas” is a model one-eighth of a huge liner and is currently still in the harbor of Sarreguemines, France, for final fittings.

His model has become a real masterpiece whose structure weighs 70 tons, out of a total weight of 90 tons. Of course, this liner was built in his backyard but is eventually sailing as it has been built according to the standards of manufacture and checked by competent authorities.
{Almost 5 years ago now,
François, a long since inhabitant of Morsbach,
Sailed out on a long cruise.
What was only a dream in the beginning,
Soon became an unbelievable passion:
To build his own boat, that was his mission.
From dream to reality, there was only a bridge to cross,
Which he did, wearing no life-jacket but a boiler suit instead,
Ever since navigating between pipes and metal scraps,
Hammers, screws, soldered pieces and pliers.
Relatives and friends often come alongside
This master piece ready for all weathers.
“Cast off ! ” will soon be the words pronounced
By a nice, deserving, persevering and famous sailor,
Living in a small village of Lorraine,
Who is bound to become a real captain some day.

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