Frederic Mallee’s PerfumeTubes

The tradition of French perfume manufacture goes back to many centuries. Perfumes and French women are considered bosom pals and nobody can separate the two. Bottles and perfumes are the heart and soul of every lady and it is her passion to wear the best perfume that comes with the most attractive bottle. But these days, perfumes appeal more and more to men, young people, and even children. As the French take their aroma seriously, wearing a breathtaking fragrance is almost a national passion. Hence this remarkable perfumer Frederic Mallee’s perfume workshop in Paris is making news. In this fragrance boutique, he makes the shopper feel like a seasoned perfumer, with smelling tubes to ‘taste’ the fragrances.

Moreover, visitors can observe Mallee at work and take home a bottle of his latest scent too. Located 21 rue du Mont Thabor, Frédéric Malle’s atelier is now opened to the public.

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