French jewelry store Mauboussin hands out free diamonds as part of marketing strategy

Seriously folks, I think recession is just one big joke. How else can you explain a jewelry store in Ginza store offering 5000 diamonds for free! French jewelry store Mauboussin actually handed out 0.1 carat diamonds worth ¥5000 ($55) each as part of a promotional campaign. This was their strategy to boost the interest of people in luxury gems and increase their spending on these jewels during the economic slowdown. But if you are handing out diamonds in the street for free it is hard to imagine you are affected by the recession. The marketing strategy definitely went down well with the people who eagerly waited outside the store. In fact, by noon the store had already given away their 5000th diamond. Along with the diamonds the store even offered the customers a chance to make their free diamonds into rings or pendants for a fee of ¥50,000 ($520).

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A unique strategy, it is definitely ironic to see that the store gave away valuable jewels to combat recession and increase their profits.