From mega yachts to private islands – Here are our top picks from, the Amazon for the 0.1%

While most millennial browse through e-commerce websites scouring for a smartphone or laptop, do you ever wonder where the millionaires purchase their precious possessions from? We’re talking villas in Tuscany, super yachts and rose-cut diamond jewellery.

We introduce you to Hush Hush, a recently launched luxury marketplace. With a roster of over 200,000 items ranging from property and private islands to jets and jewelry, the portal markets itself as the as “Amazon for millionaires.”

We compiled a list, singling out the most intriguing products on the website. From the Pumpkin Key Private Island in the Florida Keys listed at $ 95 million to the colossal Admiral Explorer 57 yacht, here are the most fascinating items on the website. Of course, there are a plethora of items that are within a reasonable price range.

2010 Legacy 650 Aircraft priced at $19 million
The state-of-the-art private aircraft is equipped to accommodate 14 passengers. On board, one can find a mid-cabin dining table along with comfortable sofas and a pantry.

2018 Lykan Hypersport automobile priced at $3.4 million
The sleek custom-ordered limited-edition automobile is one of the most impressive cars on the road and entails a 3.8 flat 6 twin turbo engine.

Admiral Explorer 57 yacht priced at $42.5 million
Built in Italy, the admirable Admiral Explorer 57 is specifically designed to house multiple tenders, jet skis and a submersible. The lower garage can be configured as a beach club, dive centre or spa.

Pumpkin Key Private Island in the Florida Keys priced at $ 95 million
A lush-green island, off the coast of Florida is one of the most intriguing products listed. Accessible by boat or helicopter, the private island is brimming with isolation, privacy and intimacy. One main home along with a few caretaker cottages dot the island.

35.31 Carat Fancy Intense Yellow Pear Diamond Necklace priced at $2.7 million
Crafted by Diana M, the necklace is one of the most dazzling pieces of jewellery. Created in one of the highest colour gradings, the stone is surrounded by 47 carats of multi-shape diamonds.

Patek Phillippe Sky Moon Tourbillon priced at $2.25 million
Encompassing all the details of a monumental watch, this Patek Phillippe edition entails 12 complex functions and a hand carved delicate white gold case with a gold three-dimensional Roman block.

Kissen 3-Seat Sofa by Livio Ballabio by AND – Arte Nel Design priced at $78,000
Radiating with a bold character and extraordinary design, this piece of furniture is ideal for a contemporary ambience. Available only with customisation, the sofa is crafted with red velvet and eclectic finesse.

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