From the horse’s mouth – This is how I became a cryptocurrency millionaire. (100k to $17 million)

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Nowadays it’s hard to not come by news of a cryptocurrency hitting new highs or lows. What just started with Bitcoin is now a market of dozens of currencies having rich valuations. To give you an example, Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that started as a parody of Bitcoin and other currencies recently hit a market cap of $50billion. While a majority of us always wonder if this is the biggest asset bubble ever, there are a select few who have poured their life’s savings and more and started investing and trading in crypto. Here is one inspiring story.

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Going anonymous here for obvious reasons. This is my “cryptocurrency millionaire story”:

I’m in my early 30’s. I have always worked in tech, and as a natural geek, I’ve always had my eyes on new and exciting tech developments. Undergrad was econ, so I’ve also followed global markets as a hobbyist.

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So a few years ago, I heard about Bitcoin. My reaction was probably the same as everyone else the first time they heard about it: “Why would anyone buy that?” But naturally, I was still curious. I set up a wallet, and miner on my home office PC, just to figure out how it worked. I initially lost interest before very long.

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A short time later, I happened to hear about Bitcoin again — to my surprise, it still hadn’t died yet. I decided to explore it more, and even buy some to add to the little bit I had mined. I’ve spent money on dumber things…why not?! So as I’m starting my research, I realize it’s more than just “internet geek money,” and that there are a lot of pretty smart people flooding into the space.

Fast forward a few months later — I’ve now learned quite about crypto, and all of the different projects happening and started to connect the dots when I saw the possibilities. I had even managed to create a pretty decent collection of altcoins and made some money along the way. By now, I’ve realized that it’s still a brand new industry and that it’s not going away anytime soon.

Via Instagram / @tb

At this point, I had a pretty decent career in the corporate world, making around $150k. I was definitely comfortable. One day, I realized that I was also bored, and that I wasn’t going to be young forever — I could always come back to my old life. I wired $100k to my exchange and bought Bitcoin, then distributed it amongst the collection of altcoins I had been following. I continued to manage it as a hobby on the side while still working my day job, but it was quickly becoming my calling. I resigned a while later to focus on my investments full-time. The year and a half that would follow would become the scariest and most rewarding of my life.

In the beginning, I was working 20 hours a day learning all that I could, and perfecting my strategy. Some days were great, with massive returns — others were terrifying, as I was sure I would lose everything. Over time, it made me numb to the emotions short-term swings, so I was able to see the bigger picture. There was a point at which I had watched 30% of my net worth vanish in little over a day, and another point at which my portfolio was down more than 80% from its all-time high. I just kept moving along according to plan.

By the time the market had reached its next peak (this past January), I had turned my initial $100k into $17 million.

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