From Yacht parties to private meetings with musicians, here’s what’s included in that $1 million dollar Secret Solstice ticket

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who think music festivals are silly, and those who are willing to pay $1 million for an invite to Iceland’s Secret Solstice festival. If you’re knowledge of festivals begins and ends with Coachella, then you need to keep reading! Secret Solstice takes place within a dormant volcano of all things, between June 21 and June 24. Expect performances from Slayer, Gucci Mane, Bonnie Tyler, Clean Bandit, and Steve Aoki among others. The most interesting part? Secret Solstice sells a single $1 million dollar VIP ticket that might be the most expensive festival ticket in the world.

So what are perks of this extravagant pass?

It begins with a roundtrip pick up via private chartered business jet for six people

Luxury accommodation for the duration of the festival

A private welcome party with a Secret Solstice headline artist with the champagne flowing.

Access to a luxury spa and skin treatments, they’ll also throw in a personalized glam squad.

Private dining with prominent Icelandic chefs in unique Icelandic locations

A chartered helicopter tour, private ski mobile rides, hot spring trip, a yacht journey and even a yacht party

There’s plenty more ranging from horseback riding and private dinners a restaurants to the more mundane aspects of the festival like backstage access, wifi in your tent private lounge access

This may be a three day festival, but your trip will feel more like an all-included vacation.

If you’re wondering when you’ll find the time to enjoy all the activities planned, you might be interested to know that the festival takes place over 96 hours of continuous daylight. Endless drinking and music over 3 days with no plans for sleep, what could go wrong?

To book the coveted million dollar ticket, email [email protected] To book a regular plebian ticket priced at $1295, go here: Secretsolstice

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