Full Scale Replica of the Ferrari F2007 Steering Wheel

If you’re the kind of person who can only accept the finest expression in a chosen field, then the 1:1 scale replica of the Ferrari F2007 Steering Wheel ought to do the job for you! Produced as a limited edition by Amalgam, it features every knob and dial – all of which is perfectly replicated. Completely handmade using carbon fiber and mounted on its own base with a Perspex cover, this stunning model is an exact replica of the real thing. Wait a minute – I’ve said that before haven’t I? For us Ferrari fans out there – yes – it is that exciting!

This model comes with an official certificate and key to the functionality of the buttons and switches. Priced at € 1625 ($ 2,544 USD). So if you have a wallet that never empties, this little number will be the perfect birthday gift for your car-crazy boyfriend or friend or more importantly you!