Full size T-Rex replica

It’s all about historic and archeological evidence and by this I mean no ornamental uses of this classic life-size replica of Stan. No, it’s not some fictitious rap fan that I’m talking about but the fossil of a Tyrannosaurus Rex that was found in the late 80s by a Stan Sacrison (that explains the name). A cool replica of the real bone structure and the entire skeleton has been put up for sale. It’s not just this same dinosaur like position that you can get it in. The replica is available in pose that you select. This includes a standing, walking or running position. The makers promise that assembly of the replica isn’t too much of a pain and that a crew of six can put this monster together in under an hour.

It surely sounds interesting and with the $100,000 price tag we can expect more than a few takers. The real specimen of the bone structure of Stan can be found at Black Hills Museum of Natural History.

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