Furisode Kimono is a dressy armor meant for the dame

The best part about diverse cultural setups is traditional attires. And if you know anything about Japan, you would realize how important the Kimono is to their culture. And in a bid to immortalize a part of their tradition, Miya Ando has designed a Furisode Kimono, a Long Sleeve Style dress that is usually worn by unmarried women. Taking cue from a kimono that her grandmother gifted her, the piece was crafted to be “between armor and jewelry, very feminine and opulent yet very strong”. Set in Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Patina, Pigment, Lacquer, the 60-inch by 70-inch kimono is priced less than $25,000.

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For accurate pricing and other details you can contact Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NYC.
Thanks Miya