Future Captains train on mini $242,500 electronically powered oil tankers before controlling the real things

Big things start small. This is one line that I have heard the most in my life. But little did I know that I am not the only one who has to start small. In fact, I was surprised to know that even the future Captains train on small toy boats before they are given the reins of the real thing. The to-be Captains train on replica oil tankers, which are electronically powered. The picture displays how students at the Warsash Maritime Academy in Southampton are learning to deal with the sea’s various conditions. So realistic is the training that sometimes the engines are deliberately failed to test the captain’s capacity to handle a crisis. Ideal toys for learning to handle the real thing, the students claim to have benefitted a lot from these little things. And if you are a rich spoilt brat who wishes to have his very own mini oil tanker, you had better start throwing tantrums already as these tiny boats bear an expensive price tag of £150,000 ($242,500).

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The heavy price rules them out as toys but proves their importance in training and creating future captains.

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