Futuristic takes on historic storage!

The circular kitchen is an innovative approach to kitchen design based on the varying requirements of apartment dwellers and modern lifestyle. After ages of conventional kitchen design, the self-contained circular kitchen defies the concepts of a normal kitchen. The Circular Kitchen is a revolving cylinder complemented with kitchen appliances, a sink, drawers, pantry, etc. The inner core rotates 180 degrees and is equipped with all the amenities of a conventional kitchen, including a stainless steel sink with chrome single lever mixer, a waste bin and drawers. The upper circular shelf rotates through 360 degrees to house crockery, glasses, etc. It is also integrated with its own lighting, electrical sockets, electronics, water and waste disposal.

By utilizing the volume of the circular kitchen fully, it has been possible to offer a storage capacity equivalent to that of a large conventional kitchen. “It contains the equivalent of 12 cupboards from a conventional kitchen”, says designer Alfred Averbeck.
There’s also the facility to specify the Circular Kitchen with all the appliances necessary – refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, fully integrated coffee machine, ceramic cook top with 2 or 4 cook zones, a built-in microwave/oven-combination and a Range hood.
Available in an infinite choice of decor, colors, fittings, bench top finishes, the Circular Kitchen will cost between $6,500 and $15,000.
The circular kitchen is the ultimate hi-tech kitchen fit for any construction be it a hotel, home or a resort!

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