Gangnam style is out and ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is in – Korea has banned fast-paced music in gyms to curb sweating and the subsequent spread of COVID-19.

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Cardio sessions in the gym are every bit fun! However, in Korea, they could soon become slow-paced, and a lot less fun as the country prepares to ban fast music amid COVID-19. Yes, that’s right! As part of the measures, gyms in the capital city of Seoul have categorically been denied from playing tracks with a tempo higher than 120 beats per minute.

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As per reports, the country’s government has argued that songs with high beats per minute would increase heart rates and lead to more sweating and rapid breathing, which in turn could lead to the rapid spread of COVID-19. The restrictions are supposedly aimed to prevent people from breathing too fast or splashing sweat on each other.

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Commenting on it, a distraught gym owner said, “Playing bright tracks is to cheer up our members and the overall mood, but my biggest question is whether playing classical music or songs by [the boyband] BTS has been proved to have any impact on spreading the virus. Many people use their own earphones and wearable devices these days, and how do you control their playlists?”

Similarly, Kim Yong-Tae, a member of the opposition People Power party, also remarked, “So you don’t get COVID-19 if you walk slower than 6 kmh. And who on Earth checks the bpm of the songs when you work out? I don’t understand what COVID-19 has to do with my choice of music.”

What are your thoughts on the ban?


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