Gemfields lets you discover and experience gemstones like never before with its newest installation

When I was a child I speculated what a shark looks like internally, then I grew up a little and wondered what the world looked like from above. Then I majored in jewelry and examined what diamonds and gemstones look like inside using a magnifying glass but it looked nothing like Gemfield’s “VOID” exhibition. Gemfields, a leading purveyor of sustainably mined emerald, ruby, and amethyst, is teaming up with Dan Tobin Smith and creative studio the Experience Machine to present a visually fascinating installation experience during the London Design Festival next month. For people who are forever in awe of the beauty of these natural gems, can expect some pretty spectacular viewing of large-scale projections of a selection of Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds from Gemfields’ mines. The concept is to create “abstract, galaxy-like structures, by magnifying the surface of these gemstones; ‘VOID’ the multisensory installation will showcase the expanded space inside gemstones and map the blurring boundaries between nature and design.

Not just emeralds and rubies, but other magnificent gemstones will also be part of the exhibit. The room will be resonating sounds by electronic drone choir NYX, via music that thickly layers female voices. The exhibition will be held at the Collins Music Hall in London, Sept. 14–22.