Gennaro Pellicia’s tongue ensured for a whopping $22 million

The latest member to join the league of the world’s most expensive things is a tongue! No, it’s not some crystal-studded masterpiece by an artist but an actual tongue of a guy named Gennaro Pelliccia. He is a coffee tester at Costa Coffee, and his tongue is considered to be so valuable that it is insured for £10million ($22million)! An unnamed group of underwriters at Lloyds (the world’s oldest insurance market) will pay out the given amount if this master loses his mastery. Mr. Pellecia is Costa Coffee’s Costa Italian Master of Coffee and is responsible for ensuring the quality of 108 million cups of Costa coffee that are estimated to have been drunk in Britain each year. The man personally tests every batch of new raw materials before they leave Costa Coffee’s roaster in south London. Blessed with such a great sense of taste, it is no wonder that many compare his sense of taste to the vocal cords of an opera singer.

With such a huge responsibility, it is no wonder that the guy has topped the list of the world’s most expensive insurance policy for a body part.