Geoff Hurst’s shirt worn during 1966 World Cup match boasts of a $3.3million price tag

With the FIFA World Cup approaching fast football fever has reached an all-time high. Hoping to profit on this current football hype is property developer Andrew Leslau who sells the iconic red No 10 worn by Sir Geoff Hurst when he scored his winning hat-trick during the 1966 World Cup. Sir Geoff sold the shirt in June 2000 in an auction at Christie’s to a private collector for £91,750 ($132,970). It was then sold to an unnamed fan of West Ham. In 2008 Leslau, 52, from Milton Common, Oxfordshire, bought it on behalf of foreign investors for an undisclosed sum but took out insurance on the item for £1m. The shirt now holds a price tag of a whopping £2.3million ($3.3million)! If sold for this outrageous sum, it will become the world’s most expensive football shirt ever sold.

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Hurst wore the long-sleeved shirt during the England team’s dramatic 4-2 win over Germany with a goal in the game’s dying seconds. The shirt is an iconic image or memory of the country’s football history for the football fan.
The shirt is currently on display at Harrods, London till June 14. In fact it was after receiving several inquiries about the iconic shirt while it was on display that Mr. Leslau decided to sell it.

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