Get rid of your stress with this 24K gold body roller

Given our hectic lives and derogatory routines, muscle sores are a common phenomenon. Further the time crunch makes exercise as well as lavish massages only a distant dream for a one-off weekend. Here to help you tackle your everyday muscle cramps though is the ever-so-awesome Tiger Tail USA, that is dedicated to making muscles happy round the globe!

With a range of self-help muscle compressors and tools, the brand has been making it big over the years and is often used by chiropractors, physio professionals as well as performing athletes and sportsmen. However, stereotypical massagers are passé, and hence Tiger Tail had decided to offer us an opulent version of the otherwise lack luster Body roller. Presenting to you a 24-k pure gold massage-tool that promises to loosen up your muscles, while you simultaneously flex em’ pockets! For $5000, the tool promises efficient trigger point therapy and myofascial release for all your ailing body parts.

The exclusive muscle roller can be used on clothes as well as on bare skin and is said to relieve acute and chronic pain conditions. Each of the ‘Tiger Tail’ 24 K’s come with its own serial number and an equipment case for a further personalized touch. It will be custom manufactured for buyers and will be made available to them within a lead time of four weeks. Would you fancy one of these Kingly massagers for yourself?


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