Get in shape with the Limited Edition Williams F1 Pro6

Are you too lazy to actually get yourself an exercise regime? Well, making money is no good if you can’t get in shape to enjoy it. Here at Luxury Lanuches, we not only get the high-end products from Harrods, we want you to get fit buy getting them too. If you are an avid F1 fan, then you can get the limited edition Power Plate pro6 which has been done in the Williams F1 livery. To work out like the Williams F1 team drivers and pit crew, the kit features integrated proMOTION cable resistance technology along with high strength Vectran cables for a total body work-out.

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Not just for weight loss, the pro6 helps you improve muscle tone, flexibility, circulation, cellulite and enhance your skin tone apart from improving on bone density and speed injury rehabilitation. 150cm high, 87cm wide and 107cms deep, this gadget can be used by any over 16 years of age and is priced at $15,590.

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