Getting Serious: How to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

There comes a time in many relationships where two people are willing to get a little closer. You start off dating or as friends and the time you spend together leads to emotions and the feeling that you want to see where things can go. Though taking things to the next level can be an emotional rollercoaster, you’re ready to step out on faith. Now committing yourself exclusively to someone else, you’re ready to kick things up a notch, but don’t know where to start. Below, are a few suggestions on how to let your partner know you’re ready to get serious.

Discuss Exclusivity
To be on the same page with your significant other, you should first discuss your feelings about the relationship. If the two of you were friends or dating in the past, declaring exclusivity to each other would be the next best step. Tell your partner how you feel and why you want to commit exclusively to them. Allow them to share their feelings and respect their answer.

Meet the Family
When you get into a serious relationship with someone, you’re in many ways, in a relationship with the family. A great way to get to know more about who they are as a person, and who have been instrumental in their lives is to meet the family. During this time, you want to build connections with mom, dad, potential children, siblings, and whoever else you can build a bond with as this will only bring you closer to your mate.

Pop the Question
If you’ve been exclusive for a while and you’ve met the family, there’s no better way to say you’re ready to love just one person than to pop the question. This is where knowing the family comes in handy. You can ask for their input on the best rings for your significant other.

Or ask the professionals. If you live near San Diego for example, you can shop online for diamond engagement rings San Diego jewelers offer, you can get the opinions of those who know their jewelry inside and out.

Move in Together
They say you don’t truly know a person until you’ve lived with them. The best way to determine whether you and your partner are meant to be is to move in with one another. Renting a small home or apartment for a year or two allows you to see your significant other in a new light. It provides you with the space to build a deeper connection. Essentially you learn critical lessons like managing money, meshing styles, and other associated responsibilities of living together as one. Not ready to move in just yet? You could always consider the option to exchange keys. This shows trust and commitment and allows you to share two spaces until you’re comfortable living in one.

Traveling together is a clear sign that you want to experience life together on a new level. In traveling and planning vacations, couples learn invaluable lessons. From compromising on a destination and activities to experiencing new places and stepping outside of your comfort zone, vacationing together builds a stronger bond between two people. There’s nothing like a romantic getaway to help you center your focus on your significant other.

Save Money Together
This one might come as a surprise, but couples who save together, stay together. A good step in the next direction would be to start saving towards things together. Whether you opt to get a joint savings account or save on your own, the process of coming up with goals, saving together, and reaching those goals will only strengthen the relationship.

Whether you’re friends and want to start dating or have been dating for a while and are ready to make it official, taking your relationship to the next level will be both exciting and scary. However, as long as you openly communicate your feelings and take it one step at a time, the ride should be one to remember. Use the above-mentioned tips to gain more experience and build a closer connection with the one you love.