Gibson’s new HD.6X-Pro digital guitar is finally out

Finally, the HD.6X-Pro Guitar System a.k.a. HD Les Paul amongst the hip kids is ready to set you rolling. Featuring a hand-oiled mahogany neck, smooth frets, and a comfortable profile for effortless playability, and classic Gibson humbuckers for incredible, traditional tone, this new guitar is quite different from the rest. Media-accelerated Global Information Carrier or MaGIC is a technology used to transfer string data from all six strings individually, along with a mic signal and a full-on six-string signal (the normal kind). “An Ethernet with patented Gibson technology carries bi-directional signals with low latency and no signal degradation over miles of cable. The HD.6X-Pro’s Hex pickup is composed of six small, patent-pending humbuckers positioned under each string at the bridge.” The Breakout Box, known as “BoB,” routes any combination of the six Hex signals to any assigned destination automatically detecting outputs and designations for ease of use and playing.

The guitar is currently going for $4000, with 100 signed-by-Les-Paul models available for $8000. The HD.6X-Pro digital guitar can switch to an all-analog mode, which bypasses the digital circuitry entirely and outputs a signal via a traditional 1/4-inch plug.

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