Gift a box of Armani Pralines this Valentine’s Day

Gifting chocolates on Valentine’s Day became a cliché for a reason, because no woman would ever willingly turn down a box of chocolates; especially one’s as yummy as these Armani Dolci pralines. This special edition box comes encased in lacquer red paper to represent love on the ‘day of love.’ It has also been decorated with a tonal grosgrain ribbon that has been made into six bows and completed with an adorable laser cut Plexiglas charm. However incredible the packaging may be, this gift is all about the chocolate, and Armani has definitely delivered on that front. Made with scrumptious dark chocolate praline, with a perfectly square shell decorated with a heart in red sugar fondant. Bite into this little square of heaven, and it oozes tangy passion fruit cream filling.

This box of delights weighs 130 grams and contains 16 pralines in it, and retails for $36.

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[Available at Armanidolci]