Gigantic Gundam can walk for $725 million

Care to spend a $725 million on a life-sized Gundam robot? If Yay, then hangs around as it isn’t ready yet but chances are bright as a Japanese site has literally listed an estimated cost of this giant humanoid that will stand 60 feet tall. And this colossal price tag doesn’t include the cost of labor nor does it include the cost of the infrastructure needed to support the machine once you are ready to climb aboard and take it for a walk. Moreover, if you think that after paying so much you can fly this robot or utilize its fancy weapons then sorry to say that this Gundam will only be able to walk. However, a 43-ton robot would face a number of physical challenges, such as the inability to walk without completely destroying the ground surface beneath its feet. An IBM Blue Gene supercomputer would serve as the Gundam’s computer system ($1.5 million), and its movements would be driven by 30 giant 400KW motors — 12 in the legs, 2 in the torso, 14 in the arms, and 2 in the neck. A 400KW motor is quite powerful by comparison; the Shinkansen bullet train uses a 300KW motor. The motors alone would cost $7.8 million. Rollover to read thru precise cost listing……

Estimated cost of Gundam parts:
Aluminum alloy (honeycomb) $1,800 43,875 $79,000,000
(+ Metal manufacturing/processing) $240,000,000
Main computer (IBM) $1,550,000 1 $1,550,000
Gas turbine engines (GE) $52,000,000 7 $364,000,000
Superconductive motors (IHI) $260,000 30 $7,800,000
Motor drivers $260,000 30 $7,800,000
Reducers $760,000 30 $22,800,000
Sensors $910,000
Cockpit $450,000
TOTAL: $724,310,000
Pinktentacle has rightly quoted ‘But perhaps the greatest challenge of all would be to find the funding for an enormous walking machine with no apparent practical or military application. With no money, this Gundam will forever remain just a dream.’