Gilded Steinway & Sons Louis XV grand piano adds oomph to the melodies

Grand pianos that come with a history are often priced among auctioneers. It is no wonder then that the Steinway & Sons Louis XV-style giltwood grand piano clad in 24-carat gold will be auctioned off by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers at the Fine Furniture and Decorative Arts auction. The gold-covered Steinway & Sons Louis XV-style giltwood grand piano will be auctioned off on April 28-19, 2013 and bidders can place their bids on the Internet as well. The piano was designed to commemorate Steinway & Sons’ 50th anniversary.Designed by Joseph Burr Tiffany and carved from mahogany by Juan Ayuso, it is clad in 24-karat gold.

The piano has had an illustrious history as well, and was previously owned by William Stafford, a New York banker, Benjamin Sawtelle Hanchett, George Michalski and Mark Fritz. With a history of more than 100 years, the gold-clad piano was restored in 1985 by piano conservationist Lloyd Meyer of Camilleri Pianoworks.

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At the moment, this is probably the most illustrious and elegant piano one could purchase. Of course, pianos like these shouldn’t be judged by their price, but by their history, previous ownerships and a profound respect for Western Classical Music. You could also take a look at the C-Bechstein Golden Grand Piano and Ancient Art Cased Grand Piano that we had featured earlier.

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[Lesliehindman Via Auctioncentralnews]