Gilded Age Greeting cards will become treasured heirloom pieces

Greet your friends with luxury greeting cards this holiday season courtesy of the unveiling of Florida-based luxury Etailer’s new website and its couture line of greeting cards. Sure to appeal to your luxury-loving friends and family, each of the cards in this couture range is created in the unique style of illuminated renaissance manuscripts. Each card is handmade using only the finest materials and embellished with various precious gems and metals, including 23k gold, emeralds, and rubies. The exquisite greeting cards can also be customized with your special message. In fact, each card comes with three additional inserts that can be customized at a later date for heirloom giving.

The card comes residing in a beautiful black silk box with documentation and silk gloves! Well, heeled folks can also opt for the exclusive Greeting Concierge Service, which arranges greeting and special occasion card gifting to meet its clients’ personal needs and professional requirements.
Sure to make for a one of a kind gift, the many cards in this beautiful line have a price ranging from $395–$4000. This pricey sum makes them the most expensive greeting cards in the market today.