Gilets Jaunes protestors shut down Parisian luxury store -Galeries Lafayette in a fight against consumerism

The Gilets Jaunes movement which started in Paris in the year 2018 has been a part of global news for quite a while. The fight against tax rises and grievances against president – Emmanuel Macron has now taken a fresh turn after protestors staged demonstrations outside the city’s Galeries Lafayette store, causing it to be forcefully shut down yesterday.

As part of the protest, troupes of yellow-vested activists marched inside the chic department store to raise their voices against what they believe to be a “temple of consumerism”. They expressed their grievances by crowding together on the balconies and whistling, chanting slogans and throwing confetti around. Within no time, the police arrived at the site and evacuated the store, however the protesters were hardly to be deterred. They continued a peaceful sit-in protest on the pavement outside, where some of them were finally arrested and put behind bars.

The interior ministry noted that 28,000 people took part in protests across France on Saturday out of which 4,700 belonged to Paris. As also stated by the city’s public prosecutor’s office, 173 people were arrested and 155 were kept in custody, including eight minors, after the movement caught pace over the weekend. Officers also resorted to the use of tear gas and water cannons to bring the mass protest under control.

The Gilets Jaunes Movement marks a year since it was founded in 2018.


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