Giro makes the perfect $15,000 Custom Helmet for cyclist Lance Armstrong

Everybody’s heard about the heroics of Lance Armstrong. And after fighting cancer successfully, the 37-year old cyclist made his famed come back to the Tour de France in 2009 after four years to finish third. 2010 will see the last appearance of the world-class rider in the Mecca of professional cycle racing. And to ensure his 100% effort is put in, he has roped in Giro Helmets to make him the perfect helmet design. For the $15,000 helmet, the team employed a Los Angeles special-effects house to get a true to life replica of the rider’s time trial position and a detailed model of his head and face.

The team has designed a lighter-around 20 to 30 grams less drag and aerodynamic compliant helmet perfectly fitting Armstrong’s requirements. Let’s hope these efforts help Armstrong come 25th July when the Tour de France 2010 flags off.

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