Glamorous wife of a Ukrainian MP was apprehended by the Hungarian customs for carrying $28 million of cash in her baggage

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We have only been talking about Russia, its billionaires, and their extravagant assets for a while now. For a change, today’s topic is about truckloads of cash but replacing a Russian oligarch is a Ukrainian minister’s Mrs. The woman in question is prominent Ukrainian politician Igor Kotvitsky, 52, a former MP’s better half, Anastasia Kotvitska. Allegedly Kotvitskawas was seized by authorities in neighboring Hungary with a staggering $28 million and no less than 1.3 million euros in cash. Her entire baggage consisted of only money, leaving no place for essentials.

Unfortunately for the wealthy wife, the event of fleeing the war-torn country, Belarus, through a refugee border crossing into the EU turned out to be very publicized as opposed to a discreet one. It has resulted in a criminal case being opened into a failure by Anastasia Kotvitska to declare the removal of the large sum from the war-ravaged country, say reports in Kyiv. Belarussian media outlet Nexta took to Twitter to break the news. They wrote, ‘Ukrainian media report that the wife of former MP Kotvytskyy tried to take $28 million and 1.3 million euros out of #Ukraine via #Zakarpattya. The money was found by the #Hungarian border guards and forced to declare it.’

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Kotvitsky denied all allegations and cited reasons that his glamorous better half was leaving the country to give birth. He also denied reports she was carrying $28 million and 1.3 million euros. ‘All my money is in Ukrainian banks, I did not take anything out,’ he said as per Daily Mail before closing his social media account. Even a tiny percentage of that stash can aid the needy in Ukraine, but the politicians of Ukraine (or their wives) arent solely responsible for better days.

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